Month: June 2011

  • August 13 art & life

    Putting aside the issue of emotional significance, I was struck by the common formal chords in Ellsworth Kelly’s “Colors by Chance III” and this photo of a funeral in Syria. Ellsworth Kelley from; funeral from

  • August 6 portraits

    The basic Intro to Art History course naturally dances from one highlight to the next—key works by the most influential artists, and typical pieces from the great movements. Which certainly makes sense; we hear so much about the Mona Lisa because it is, in fact, so much better than the competition. It looks good in […]

  • July 30 my best work

    Our house is hung pretty densely with work, much but not all of it mine. For a long time we had a reproduction of a Rembrandt self-portrait that hung prominently in the living room. Gradually it got displaced by other things until at last it hung obscurely in a rather dark hallway. A non-artistic friend […]