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October 1 self-portraits

I draw a broad distinction between self-portraits intended to function as monuments, as statements about who the artist is, by golly, and those which are more in the nature of  self-exploration. It’s the difference between a declaration and an inquiry. The first category can be more productive of laughs—

William Merritt Chase 1915 (W'pedia)
Alexandre Cabanel 1852 (W'pedia)

self-portrait as David – Johann Zoffany 1756 (W’pedia)

but the second is more fascinating. I’ve done very few self-portraits, I suppose because I always find the subject too profound and elusive for decisive formulation.

Dali 1921 (
Durer – self portrait with bandage 1491 (











Betiti (
Annie Fougner 2009 (courtesy A.F.)


self c.2002 – study for a Chuck Close method workshop