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Month: March 2012

  • March 31 battle

    Whether you approve of war or not, the essence of it would seem pretty clear: a nasty and brutish business. But this is not, nor has ever been, the consensus. What follows is a range, in five examples. Beyond the utility of war as a profit-making enterprise, or in handling dignity issues, in the 19th…

  • March 24 what’s around us

                          Sometimes it’s delightful to notice the different messages that can be sent by similar visual information. Not profound, not unexpected, simply delightful.                 Dia de los Muertos

  • March 17 Seurat: where to stop

    Georges Seurat (1859 – 1891) was the inventor and only transcendent practitioner of pointillism–the rendering of form in dots of pigment rather than free-flowing brushstrokes and fields of color.                     Seurat was most successful with this method on a fairly small scale, where he produced images…

  • March 3 Gail Chadell Nanao

    Gail Chadell Nanao paints figures so freely and wetly that it’s surprising to see how much description there is. She maintains that exciting tension between image and paint where you see both at the same time, with neither overwhelming the other.                            …