Month: August 2013

  • August 31: an unexpected delight: “slab man”

    Duane Hanson (1925-96) did many hyper-realist figure pieces, usually in groups or poses that are designedly foreign to the gallery spaces where they are shown. Striking, then, is his wonderful “slab man” at the Cantor Art Center at Stanford. The figure stands in the contemporary gallery so that visitors have to maneuver around it. I […]

  • August 24: French drawings at the Cantor

    The show of figure drawings presently on view at the Cantor Arts Center on the Stanford University campus includes a number of delights. ┬áSome of them, like this Francoise Boucher (1703 – 1770), are the sort of thing you expect in a survey show, but that doesn’t diminish the delight. It’s one of those silly […]