Month: December 2015

  • 12/19: a train of thought

    A train of thought:                  

  • Dec.12: A Favorite Bechtle

    A Favorite Bechtle Robert Bechtle’s work is very “realistic,” but his compositions can be so deftly out of left field that the effect verges on the abstract. As here, in “Potrero Table” (1994). All the shapes are deliciously realized–run your eye around the table and the chairs, the plates, the light window frame shape that […]

  • Dec 5: Peanuts gone wrong

    Peanuts Gone Wrong I will not be going to see the new Peanuts movie, which, to judge from on-line stills like the one below, will be like bathing in some icky visual goo. Part of the genius of Peanuts inventor Charles Schulz was his economy of means. This the movie has abandoned, perhaps thinking to […]