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Month: September 2016

  • Sept. 24: the way we live

    THE WAY WE LIVE Many of the images we see in the papers and on the net are just snaps of stuff happening, but from time to time there are images which for one reason or another are striking and self-explanatory. I’ve taken to grabbing and dropping them into a folder labeled “the way we live”. It now has…

  • Sept. 17: at sea

    AT SEA Renaissance pictorial conventions are not necessarily the most effective for creating symbolic images. “St. Nicholas of Bari” by Gentile da Fabriano ( 1370-1427– i.e., pre-Renaissance) is a wildly irrational piece in its formal logic (floating as if in mist rather than water, the ladder and skiff in scale with the ship but the…

  • September 10: “Girl With Gloves”

    “GIRL WITH GLOVES” Some works of art are delightful even if they are less than great. This piece by Tamara de Lempicka (1898 – 1980), “Girl with Gloves” (1930) is one such. Lempicka’s work is all about style, and in her dedication to  decorative boldness she is no slave to visual logic. Consider the shadows…

  • Sept 3: glockenspiel delight

    GLOCKENSPIEL DELIGHT If you’ve had occasion to look up “glockenspiel” in Wikipedia you won’t have missed this delicious photo of the instrument at Mardi Gras.   You’d have to go back to The Wedding or the Gay Pride Parade to find anything quite up to it.