Month: June 2018

  • A Favorite: portrait of John the Fearless

    A FAVORITE: PORTRAIT OF JOHN THE FEARLESS John the Fearless (1379-1419) was Duke of Burgundy during the Hundred Years War. The life he led was like so many of the upper crust, then and now: contention, scheming, betrayal, murder, and war. Portraits of such people tend to be muscular and assertive: I’m tough, get it?   […]

  • Boucher and downward

    BOUCHER AND DOWNWARD       San Francisco’s Palace of the Legion of Honor has long been a reliable place to see old, reliable European art. A recent show, “Casanova: the Seduction of Europe”, for example, was several rooms full of work by those resplendent 18th Century names you see in all the art history […]