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Non-Schnabel Beach


I am not a fan of the work of Julian Schnabel (vide July 7, below). 


“Pascin Pig Passin Time” 1983 [Artsy]

But I’m reminded of his labored crockery paintings by the shore of an inlet off San Francisco Bay, in Richmond. Right across the road from Costco, as a matter of fact. Visible only at very low tide.

Decades ago, the Tepco Crockery factory used this bit of shore as a dumping site for a zillion pieces of  broken crockery.* 



Waves and the tides have spread  them in a thin, crackly layer over the beach, and colored them, creating of them something between lively rubbish and an engaging effect of nature. 



They have the advantage that no one has muddled their charm by painting over them.




* reported by Brody at