Month: July 2016

  • July 30: Brace’s Cove

    BRACE’S COVE The iconic Luminist Fitz Hugh Lane (1804-65) did a lot of rather prosaic views of the sea and ships; a number of breathtakingly delicate works of the same subject, very much in the spirit of the 17th Century Dutch sea painters, and equal to them in formal command; and then a few startlingly […]

  • July 9: Bacon, Eisenstein, & Tonks

    BACON, EISENSTEIN, & TONKS Similar concepts have different effects depending on their expressive purpose. Francis Bacon mentions the woman in the famous Odessa Steps sequence in Eisenstein’s film “Battleship Potempkin” as having influenced his portraits.  Judging by appearances, he was more influenced by the war work of Henry Tonks. But you’d never mistake a Tonks […]

  • July 2: cats

        CATS   An engaging portrait, but it’s the cat that really makes it sing. The earl, suavely executed, and the cat, almost naive in pose and expression, look as if they were painted by different hands. This is perfectly possible; successful artists often used students or assistants to fill in peripheral details. Landscape […]